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2013 IYC Promotion Video- 活力元素

在IYC的籌備期間,我們真的很幸運也很榮幸的有神一樣的隊友的支持金鐘團隊- 活力元素


“The End Is Beginning” IYC LOGO Design

International Yoga Championship Logo Design Concept “The End Is Beginning” As a professional Graphics Designer, I often supercharge my creative juices by launching a personal brainstorming activity, which yields, sometimes hundreds of ideas. The process of creating the International Yoga Championship (IYC) Logo was very much the same. My initial thoughts went to the elegant and advanced poses of Yogi masters. These included postures like the Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) , Astavakrasana (Eight-Angle Pose) , and others. As I thought through the intent of the design further, I returned back to my design concept, to one of the more basic nature. The IYC logo I ultimately came up with is a combination of two elements. The first is a basic seated posture. I chose the seated posture to be the main concept of the logo as it applies to all levels of interest, from novice to advanced.   Whether you want to practice meditation or asana, the seated posture is the one of the key postures you must perfect. The seated posture is also the posture each session …

2013 IYC in Taiwan

IYC (International Yoga Championship)從2010年開始設計LOGO,到2013年國際瑜伽錦標賽在台灣,最後整體視覺的呈現,從VI 設計到影片多媒體設計的統籌多達40多項的設計項目,無疑是我2013年最大力作。 感謝當初所有團隊人員的非常努力,在IYC 我們展現了前所未有的專業水準。 LOGO Design Invitation Card Design Poster Design Event Main Banner Design Admission Ticket Design